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Welcome to the Boostlingo Trust Center. At Boostlingo, our dedication to providing secure, reliable, and innovative language access solutions drives every aspect of our operations. Use this center to learn about our security posture and request security and compliance documentation access.

At the heart of Boostlingo is our unwavering commitment to security and privacy. We understand the importance of safeguarding our customers' data and the sensitive nature of the communications we facilitate. Boostlingo has instituted comprehensive security measures encompassing Corporate, Product, Infrastructure, and Physical Security programs to uphold the highest data protection standards. Trust in Boostlingo means trusting a platform prioritizing your security, privacy, and the seamless delivery of language services worldwide.

Boostlingo is a language-access platform that lets people and organizations communicate without barriers. With Boostlingo, users can access language services like phone and video interpreting, remote simultaneous interpretation, and AI-translated captioning. They can also manage language services with the industry-leading interpreter management and scheduling technology for providers.

Start your security review
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We are working on our security compliance. We can provide completed questionnaires upon request.

Data Privacy

Privacy of customer data is top of mind. We follow industry best practices and follow all applicable privacy regulations.


Network Security

We protect our corporate network against external & internal threats.

Corporate Security


We do not externally share policy documentation. Please reference our SOC 2 Type 2 report for more detail surrounding the policies and procedures that we have in place.

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